Our mission is to provide our clients with the absolute highest level of service and technical expertise in the computer networking industry

MTC controls your high expectations of quality service by using our company owned service fleet. We do not use third party service contractors.

We also do not expect our clients to go through the time consuming and expensive procedures of having to use depot and cross shipping of parts in warranty situations.

We simply handle any requests on-site and no phone authorization is required.

File servers receive a special priority level of on-site service.

Service requests are handled by a web based request system. We currently have over 30,000 workstations and 300 file servers in our customer base of commercial clients and school systems.

We provide a high level of service by providing a custom designed service plan for each individual project.

This service policy can vary from a “mail-order” type service all the way to our super level service policy we term our “Enhanced Service Policy”.

Our support team members include Novell CNE’s, Microsoft MCSE’s and RCDD’s. For a complete list of our certifications see the certifications listing.

For the highest degree of technical skill we have a Novell MCNE and a MCSE+ Internet Engineer.

For Cisco Integration, we have an in-house group of Cisco engineers, managed by a CCNP.

For our K-12 Education clients, we have extensive experience with specialized applications software such as Accelerated Reader, MS Office and admin platforms such as SASI, SchoolMax, and all of the major media center automation systems.